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macOS Big Sur: What you need to know

Apple released version 11.6.3 of macOS Big Sur. You might be missing out because a macOS software update could give you an update to macOS Monterey. When you see Monterey, under Monterey Updates, look for "another update is available" and click the "Learn More" link. Luckly we can still use cheap document scanning.

Apple did not provide information about the 11.6 security update.

macOS Big Sur Update

Before updating your Mac, it's a good idea to back up your data in case the update causes problems.

Internet connection is required to install the update. Your Mac must also be restarted to complete the installation. Here are the steps.

Click on the Apple menu.

Select About this Mac.

If it is not already open, go to the Summary tab of the open window.

Click Software Update. This will open the system software update options. MacOS Monterey update is running. To upgrade to Big Sur version 11.6.3, click the "Learn More" link in Monterey.

The 11.6.3 update window appears. When you're ready to install it, click Install Now. The installation will take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Getting MacOS Big Sur

Backup your Mac before installing updates. This can be useful if you find that an update is causing problems on your Mac and you need to restore your data.

Apple makes macOS Big Sur available through the Mac App Store. The download is several gigabytes and the installation can take a while (an hour or more in some cases), so use a reliable Internet connection and know that you cannot use the Mac for anything other than the installation. lation

Future theme updates will be delivered via the MacOS Software Update mechanism. Click the Apple menu on the left side of the menu bar and select About this Mac. In the window that appears, under Overview, click Software Update. Your Mac will check for updates, and if it finds them, you can continue. Installation takes a few minutes and requires a restart of your Mac. Alternatively, you can also open System Preferences and click on the Software Update button.

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